Who We Are

The UIUC Chapter of the EIA Bridge Program is a student-run chapter under the international, non-profit organization, Engineers in Action Bridge Program. We design and construct footbridges over impassable rivers with rural communities worldwide to strive for a world with equal opportunity. We believe a river should not be a barrier to someone getting an education, a farmer accessing their crops, or a parent getting their child proper healthcare.

About Us





Our Mission

UIUC Engineers in Action Bridge Program designs and constructs footbridges over impassable rivers with rural communities worldwide to strive for a world with equal opportunity. We’ve been building footbridges for four years, a footbridge each in Guatemala and Panama and two footbridges in Bolivia, and we’re planning to build our fifth bridge in the upcoming summer. These bridges lead to a 12% increase in children enrolled in school, a 59% increase of women in the labor market, and an 18% increase in healthcare treatment for communities. The unique cultural and professional experience students get from these projects are transformative and develop them into leaders.

We spend the school year fundraising all the costs of the footbridge construction, service, and maintenance in addition to preparing detailed concept, design, and construction plans with professional engineers and organization staff. Outside of the general meetings, we have group fundraisers and social events that help bond our growing family of students from all backgrounds and with various interests.

The Results
  • 99 footbridges built in 12 countries by 35+ university chapters
  • Empowerment of hundreds of university students and nearly 150,000 community members

Click here to see a map of all of bridges built by EIA

Chapter Diversity

Our chapter at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has gender representation, with a 4:5 female to male ratio and a female chapter founder!

chart (4)

Enough About Us, Let’s Talk About You

How can you get involved?

  • Donate. Your donation allows us to connect people and create safe access around the world. Every dollar counts towards the empowerment of underserved communities and the students who work alongside them, striving for a brighter future for all.
  • Join. If you are currently a student at our University or any university that has a chapter, reach out to get involved!
  • Become part of Bridge Corps. Building footbridges is a lot of work and our student chapters are always seeking additional support. That’s why we’ve created a professional volunteer branch called “Bridge Corps” to help with everything from preparation to implementation.
  • If you are at a university that does not have an EIA Bridge program, contact EIA and start a chapter!


We’d love to chat! DM us @uiucbridges on Instagram or email us at eiabridgesuiuc@gmail.com if you have any questions

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